How Often Should You Get a New Pair of Glasses?

Many of us stick with an old pair of glasses for years, especially if we think we can still see well with them.

Eye care professionals often recommend getting a new pair of glasses every one to three years as needed. Some people have to change their eyeglasses more often than do others. A variety of factors can affect how often you should get new eyewear.

Blurry vision is the most obvious sign that you need new glasses. Using an outdated prescription can make your eyes work harder to focus and this can lead to eyestrain, which can cause headaches. Vision changes typically happen very slowly, especially those associated with glaucoma, so you may not be aware that your vision has changed.

You may need new glasses even if your visual acuity, which is the clarity and sharpness of your vision, has not changed. Age, the condition of your glasses, eye health, and even improvements in technology can play a role.

Your age is a factor in how frequently you should get new glasses, in that as you age, so does your vision. Children and people over the age of 70 should undergo eye exams annually, for example, while everyone in between should see their eye doctor once every two years.

You may need new glasses if your old lenses have scratches, or if the frames are so badly broken from sports or other incidents that your glasses do not fit well. Furthermore, wear and tear can distort your glasses, which reduces their clarity and function. In time, even the special scratch-resistant or anti-reflective coating you may have purchased can begin to deteriorate, and this deterioration can increase the risk of scratches or affect how well the lenses work.

Finally, you should get a new pair of glasses when your old prescription expires, which is usually two years. A new pair of glasses can also help you stay current with new eyewear technology and fashions!

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