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LASIK Savings

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Imagine a future without glasses or contacts?
It can be a reality with LASIK from Illinois Eye Center.

It’s completely understandable to have concerns about any medical procedure, especially when it involves your eyes. The procedure is quick, typically taking only 15 minutes per eye, and is performed using advanced technology and techniques. The surgeons at Illinois Eye Center are experienced and take necessary precautions to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the process.

Additionally, The LASIK Institute at Illinois Eye Center features Peoria’s only WaveLight® Refractive Suite which is the safest, most advanced form of LASIK treatment available today.

Cost is an important factor to consider when deciding on any medical procedure. While LASIK can have an upfront cost, it’s important to weigh it against the long-term benefits. Think about the potential savings in the long run by no longer needing to purchase prescription glasses, contact lenses, and related accessories. Additionally, LASIK can significantly improve your quality of life, allowing you to engage in activities without the hassle of corrective eyewear.

Like any surgical procedure, there are risks involved, but serious complications are extremely rare. LASIK has a high success rate, and the vast majority of patients experience improved vision without any major issues. Advances in technology have made the procedure even safer and more precise. Your surgeon will thoroughly evaluate your eyes and discuss any potential risks or side effects specific to your situation.

It’s natural to be unsure about the outcome of a surgical procedure. However, LASIK has proven to be highly effective in correcting vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Prior to the surgery, Illinois Eye Center will perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine if you are a suitable candidate for LASIK. This evaluation will help provide a clearer picture of the expected results based on your eye measurements and other factors. Additionally, the professionals at Illinois Eye Center will explain the potential limitations and discuss alternative options if LASIK may not be the best choice for your specific case.

LASIK offers a relatively quick recovery compared to other surgical procedures. While you may experience some discomfort and blurry vision immediately after the surgery, most people can return to work and resume normal activities within a couple of days. The healing process varies from person to person, but your surgeon will provide detailed post-operative instructions to help you achieve the best results. They will also schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your progress and address any concerns during the recovery period.

*Disclaimer: Discount applies when LASIK is performed on both eyes and you contact us by December 31, 2023. Offer does not apply to previously completed LASIK procedures. LASIK is not typically performed for corrective prescription >9 diopters, or on patients over 55 due to the possible onset of cataracts. There are alternatives for those in the above categories having visual problems. Please schedule a routine eye appointment with one of our ophthalmologists to discuss your vision concerns. Call (309) 243-2400.