5 Things to Know About Workplace Eye Injuries

Sometimes it’s impossible to foresee an injury to the eye. Everyday activities as simple as a nature hike can result in a foreign body coming into contact with your eye and causing pain, irritation, or serious injury.  However, there are many situations in life where there’s a reasonable expectation that those risks may be higher. Workplaces, like construction sites or manufacturing facilities, are common high-risk environments. So let’s talk about some facts and tips that can make you more aware of the realities of workplace eye injuries.

  1. They Happen Every Day…A Lot! Statistics from the Department of Labor tell us that there are approximately 1,000 workplace eye injuries every day! The importance of the proper safety wear is highlighted in those same statistics, which say that 90% of injuries could have been avoided with the proper eye safety glasses.
  2. Eye Injuries Come In All Sizes When you think of an eye injury, you likely think of large objects or grizzly scenes. While those do happen, eye injuries are just as likely to happen from smaller objects. Objects as small as sawdust, dust, fumes, or metal shavings can cause serious injury to the delicate structure of the eye.
  3. Can I Get Prescription Safety Glasses? This one is easy; you absolutely can! Seeing clearly in the workplace is critical to workplace safety and having the proper prescription is a big part of that.
  4. Are All Safety Glasses Created Equal? There are certainly different levels of protection provided by different styles of safety glasses.  Some may appear just like regular glasses but have subtle features, such as the lens material or frame construction, that make them more suitable for certain environments. Others have additional protective barriers that are appropriate for environments with additional risk factors. The American National Standard Institute (ANSI) set standards for safety eyewear. Glasses that meet the ANSI Z87.1 standard and accept ANSI rated prescription lenses meet OSHA guidelines.
  5. Where Can I Get Eyewear for My Work Environment?  We’re glad you asked! Illinois Eye Center has a selection of safety glasses that is sure to suit your needs. The optical departments within our three clinic locations feature staff who are well versed on the features of safety glasses. They can help you find the perfect pair for you, your workplace, and your budget. Illinois Eye Center’s safety eyewear value package starts at just $120 for single vision lenses. So, come in and look around. You’ll never regret ensuring your vision in protected in the workplace!

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