Are LASIK Consultations Free?

If you are like many people considering LASIK to improve your vision, you might wonder if there is a cost for a LASIK consultation. You will be glad to know that, at Illinois Eye Center, LASIK consultations are free!

Consulting with an eye surgeon is the first step in getting LASIK, and it is one of the most important. The two main goals of a consultation is to gather information that helps your eye doctor determine if you are a good candidate for the laser vision correction procedure and to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about undergoing LASIK.

Consultations include a thorough eye exam in which the doctor evaluates your eye health and vision. The eye surgeon will perform a series of diagnostic tests that look at nearly every aspect of your eyes to determine if your eyes are healthy enough for LASIK. These tests help your eye doctor rule out problems, such as dry eye, glaucoma, cataracts, and other conditions that might affect the outcome of your procedure. Your eye care professional may ask about your overall health, history of previous eye problems or surgeries, and lifestyle, which may also affect the outcome.

The surgeon will examine the front and surface of your eyes. For some tests, the doctor will dilate (widen) your pupils to make it easier to examine the inside of your eyes. The tests are non-invasive and virtually pain-free.

The eye care professional will evaluate your refractive error and determine your eyeglass prescription, which helps your LASIK professional determine the best procedure for you. Your surgeon will measure the thickness and shape of your cornea, which is the clear outer layer of tissue that your eye doctor will reshape during the LASIK procedure.

In some cases, your eye surgeon may recommend you undergo other procedures to treat eye problems prior to having LASIK. For example, your eye doctor may suggest you treat dry eye syndrome before proceeding with LASIK surgery.

Your free consultation also includes information about laser vision correction, its risks and benefits, cost, and more. The consultation provides an opportunity to ask questions and bring up potential concerns. You can use this information to decide if LASIK is right for you, or if you might prefer another vision correction option. After your consultation, take time to weigh your options and when you feel ready to move forward with LASIK, contact your IEC representative to schedule your treatment. Get the process started by requesting a LASIK consultation with IEC today for clearer vision without glasses or contacts tomorrow.

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