New Trifocal IOLs Review from Illinois Eye Center

The reviews are in – Illinois Eye Center’s new trifocal intraocular lens (IOL) implant are well liked by patients!

IOL implants are artificial lenses that are implanted during cataract surgery after the eye’s natural lens is removed. Illinois Eye Center already offers several types of IOLs, ranging from the basic monofocal lens that delivers clear distance vision without glasses to sophisticated toric lens implants that correct astigmatism. They have recently introduced the newest technically advanced trifocal IOLs that help you see close-up, intermediate, and faraway objects clearly.

Some of the nation’s biggest stars, like Charlie’s Angels’ Cheryl Ladd, have taken advantage of the clear vision trifocal IOLs provide. Many of your friends and neighbors in Illinois have also tried these revolutionary intraocular lenses and they are eager to share their experiences.

For example, Jim recently discussed his trifocal IOL experience with his eye doctor. When asked about his experience, Jim said, “Oh it’s great. Within the second day, I was seeing everything crisp and clear, the colors were as bright as could be. It was like I was in the city of Oz.”

Jim also reported seeing clearly at long distances and up close without any problems… after having the trifocal IOL implanted in just one eye! “I can’t imagine what it would be like with both eyes this way.”

Another patient, Carol, recently had the trifocal lens implanted in both of her eyes. During her post-op appointment she told us how well she can see at night. She also mentioned how well she can see outside. She specifically states, “There are things I never saw before that I can see now.”

Many of the patients receiving trifocal IOLs with Illinois Eye Center are just as excited to trade cataracts for clarity. IEC offers some of the most advanced cataract technology IOLs available that provide a range of vision. Our goal is to help you get the vision you want, and if desired, reduce your dependency on glasses.

People with Cataracts or Presbyopia LOVE Clear Vision with Trifocal IOLs

Trifocal IOLs are especially helpful for people who have had cataracts, which is an age-related condition that clouds the lens of the eye. Cloudy lenses prevent light from entering into the eye, which makes it difficult to see clearly. Cataracts are a progressive condition, so without treatment, the lenses will get cloudier over time. Treatment for cataracts involves replacing the clouded lens with a clear artificial lens.

Eye surgeons perform nearly 4 million cataract surgeries each year in the United States. In the earliest days of cataract surgery, eye doctors had very few options when it came to replacement lenses. Fortunately, advances in technology have helped ophthalmologists develop the trifocal IOL to improve vision for patients who would normally have to wear trifocal eyeglasses.

Our Illinois Eye Center patients with presbyopia also love our new trifocal IOLs. Presbyopia is an age-related vision problem in which the eyes have trouble focusing on nearby objects. This can pose a real problem for people who are also nearsighted, which means they have trouble focusing on faraway objects. Many people with presbyopia make do with bifocal or trifocal eyeglasses. Those who opt for trifocal IOLs are often stunned by how well they can see without the use of trifocal eyeglasses.

With this trifocal IOL, one can see far away with clear distance vision (watching TV, driving a car, going to a movie), see at arm’s length with enhanced intermediate vision (using a computer, reading a menu, seeing the mirror), and see up close with excellent near vision (reading a book, using a cell phone, or taking up crafting).

At Illinois Eye Center, we believe that Trifocal IOLs are your best opportunity to potentially reduce your dependency on glasses for day-to-day activities, and our patients wholeheartedly agree.

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