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Two Exciting New Ways to Treat Dry Eye Syndrome

Almost everyone experiences dry, itchy eyes from time to time, but for some people, the condition is both pervasive and progressive. Dry eye syndrome (DES) is characterized by a chronic lack of moisture on the eye’s surface. Symptoms range from a pesky burning sensation to eye fatigue to photophobia, aka light sensitivity.


If you’re suffering from DES, you should be happy to know Illinois Eye Center now offers two different dry eye procedures designed to offer you relief.



iLux is a handheld, non-invasive device that gets to the most common cause of dry eyes: blocked glands. This in-office procedure uses gentle, light-based heat and pressure to help improve function in the glands of your eyes, increasing oil production so your tears are more effective. Treatment generally takes just 10 minutes, and thanks to numbing drops, you likely won’t feel a thing. You may see improvements in your symptoms immediately, though most patients say they see a difference in 2-4 weeks.



BlephEx is a newly patented form of microblepharoexfoliation (MBE). In layman’s terms, this treatment addresses dry eye syndrome and blepharitis by using a medical-grade micro-sponge to carefully remove scale and debris from your eyelids. BlephEx clears away this accumulation of bacteria, biofilm, and scurf, inflammation decreases, and your tear glands are free to function more efficiently.


BlephEx is quick and painless, taking about 6–8 minutes to complete. Patients receive numbing drops and typically feel little more than a tickling sensation.


Are you ready to treat your dry eye syndrome? Call Illinois Eye Center today at (309) 243-2400 to schedule your next eye exam and find out which dry eye treatment best suits your needs.

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