The Importance of the Fit

A new pair of glasses can mean a brand new lease on life, and when it comes to getting that perfect fit, there are many things to consider in addition to budget and style. This can be a lot for the average person to consider, especially if you have not invested heavily in eyeglasses before. Here, we look at several points to consider that will help you chose the right frames with the perfect fit.

First, What Does a Bad Fit Feel Like?

In order to find a great fit, you need to first determine what a good fit isn’t. Learn about what a poor fit feels like in order to narrow down your choices to a frame that will serve your needs properly for a long time.

How Your Frames Sit

Always try before you buy. Some frames look great on the shelf, however, if the fit forces the frame to sit too close or too far away from your eyes in order to feel comfortable, then you lose the function of the glasses and will not be able to see properly.

The frame may also be a poor fit if it is crooked. If your frames are not correctly balanced, you may lose functionality in your prescription as well. Frames that are crooked will also dig into your face and cause discomfort down the road.

Check to see if the frames are sitting too high or too low on your face as well. Glasses are made for light to enter your eye from a certain angle, and the distortions from poor positioning will eventually cause either physical discomfort in the form of headaches or visual distortions that could cause visual issues.

How to Note These Symptoms

Focus your efforts so that you are looking at all of your frames from a strictly functional standpoint first. Make sure that all of the frames you are choosing from give you the ability to optimize your vision first and foremost. 

Take note of any pinching or tingling sensations that occur when you place the frames on your face. Keep in mind that you will be wearing your glasses for the majority of the time that you are awake, and pay very close attention to the smallest indication that the frames will be uncomfortable on your face during extended sessions of wearing them. 

Do not invest in frames that cause tension up against your ears or the bridge of your nose. You should also test the frames to see if they slide off if you dip or turn your head. If they do, then you will need an Optician to adjust the frame.

Getting the Perfect Fit

Now that you know what to avoid, you will be much better attuned to the frames that will give you the perfect fit. Although the perfect fit will be different for everyone, there are three major parts of the frame that you should look at in order to determine your shortlist.

First, the width of the frames should touch your head just in front of your ears. You should not have too much contact between the temples of your glasses and the side of your head on either side.

Next, check how the frames interact with your nose. Ideally, they should be very comfortable – neither too loose nor too tight. Unlike your frame temples, your frames should be in contact with your nose very closely. If your frame only has a single point of contact with your nose, then the pressure will slowly begin to build up over time, possibly causing you headaches and migraines.

Lastly, check the temple of your frame. You will do this during the dip test, ensuring that your glasses hold when you are looking down or craning your neck from side to side. If you feel no discomfort and the glasses stay on your face, then you have a temple that is of the proper length.

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