In Focus: The Benefits of Buying Glasses In Person

The internet has made it easier than ever to purchase eyeglasses, with frames and lenses available at the click of a button. But when it comes to buying eyeglasses, there are some important advantages to purchasing them in person. Shopping for glasses at a reputable optical facility, like Illinois Eye Center, allows you to try on and compare different styles, get professional advice from a trained optician or eye care specialist, and even find special deals that may not be available online. Here are just a few more reasons why buying eyeglasses in person can be beneficial.

1. Get an Accurate Measurement:

When it comes to buying eyeglasses, getting the right fit is essential. An optician can measure your face and give you a more accurate size compared to estimating online. This helps ensure that the lenses will be properly aligned in front of your eyes so you can see clearly.  Imprecise measurements can lead to discomfort or even headaches when wearing your new glasses.

2. Take Advantage of Professional Advice:

Shopping for glasses in-store allows you to take advantage of professional advice from experienced opticians and eye care specialists who know exactly what frames look best on different face shapes and which lenses are ideal for each individual prescription. Illinois Eye Center opticians use 8 criteria to ensure the proper fit and function for you. Those include face shape, skin tone, nose structure, eye shape, eyebrows, prescription strength, lifestyle, and occupation.

3. Find the Best Lenses:

In-store opticians also specialize in helping you find the best lenses for your needs. They can help you choose from a variety of options – single vision, progressive, digital lenses, and more – so you get the perfect pair of eyeglasses. 

4. Try on Different Styles:

Shopping for glasses in person is also a great way to try on different styles and shapes to see which frames look best on your face. Trying glasses on gives you an idea of how they will actually fit before purchasing them, so you know that they are comfortable and stylish enough to wear every day. 

5. Get Special Deals:

Local optical stores may offer special deals or discounts that aren’t available online. For example, they may have a buy one get one free sale or offer discounts when you purchase a certain number of frames. Shopping for glasses in-store can help you save money and find unique frames that you won’t be able to find online. 

6. Service After the Sale:

Lastly, it’s important to think about what happens when you need service after you get your glasses.  Repairs, cleanings, warranty work are all reasons you’d want support someone from right around the corner, not across the country or even further! Opticians at brick-and-mortar locations, like Illinois Eye Center, are ready to help you with the everyday issues that can arise with your eyewear.

All in all, buying eyeglasses in-store can be beneficial as it allows you to get an accurate measurement from an optician, take advantage of professional advice, try on different styles, find special deals, and get the support you need after your initial purchase. Whether you’re looking for your first pair of glasses or replacing your current ones, shopping for eyeglasses in person at one of Illinois Eye Center’s three locations is worth considering.

Schedule Change - Pekin Clinic

 Illinois Eye Center office in Pekin will be closed during the 12:00pm-1:00pm hour on Wednesday, June 19. This includes the Optical Department. Our Peoria and Washington clinic locations are open for walk-in optical services during this period. EyeCareTODAY is also available at our Peoria location for walk-in exams and urgent eye care.

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