Latisse®: The Answer to Longer, Thicker Eyelashes

From sultry Cleopatra, who augmented her eyelashes with a mixture of powdered lead and animal fat, to the falsie-framed eyes of today’s celebrities, it’s clear that society’s love of long, luscious eyelashes is timeless. But what do you do when your eyelashes become thin and sparse? Millions of women (and sometimes even men) turn to Latisse®.

What Is Latisse®?

Latisse® is an FDA-approved treatment designed to help people grow and enhance their own natural lashes. Much like penicillin and X-ray imaging, Latisse® was discovered by accident. Scientists working for drug manufacturer, Allergan, were looking for treatment options for patients with elevated intraocular pressure when they noticed that the medicine they were studying was causing patients to grow thicker, longer and even darker eyelashes. Latisse® received FDA approval in 2008, and women all over the world have been regaining the long, luxurious lashes of their youth ever since.

How Does Latisse® Work?

Latisse® boosts eyelash growth in two ways: It lengthens your eyelashes’ natural growth cycle and it also increases the number of hairs that grow within each cycle. It’s a dual approach that produces double the results – and who doesn’t want thicker, longer eyelashes without the hassle of lash glue or the crunchy, flaky aftermath that often accompanies yet another triple coat of mascara?

Using Latisse® is easy too. Once a day, you use one of the sterile applicators included with the product to apply it to the base of the upper lashes. That’s it! One quick swipe, and you’re on your way to seeing real results. It’s important to remember that Latisse® only works when you’re actively using it, so if you discontinue the treatment, your lashes will begin to revert to their previous appearance. Thankfully, it’s very easy to work Latisse® into your existing skin care routine.

The Benefits of Latisse®

Pictures of patients before and after Latisse® treatments show dramatic results as the product begins to produce length at week 4 with maximum results at week 16. The first thing you may notice when you begin treating your lash line with Latisse® is a change in length. Soon, you’ll also likely see increased thickness and even darker lashes, all without the need for thick coats of mascara or glue-on enhancements. A clinical study of Latisse® found that an impressive 78 percent of participants experienced positive results. After 16 weeks, lashes were:

  • 25 percent longer
  • 106 percent fuller
  • 13 percent darker

How Can I Get Latisse®?

Latisse® is only available via prescription. Illinois Eye Center has extensive experience with a wide array of beauty procedures and aesthetic treatments, and they’ll be able to help you decide whether Latisse® is right for you.

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