The Pros & Cons of LASIK

LASIK can provide a wide variety of benefits to those who undergo the eye surgery, but it does have its downsides. Understanding the pros and cons of the LASIK procedure can help you decide if this vision-correcting procedure is the right alternative to glasses or contacts.

Pros and Cons of LASIK

Pro: Living without glasses or contacts

The best benefit of undergoing the LASIK procedure is better vision without the use of contacts or glasses, of course. Patients are always glad to enjoy their favorite activities without the inconvenience of glasses or contacts.

Pro: LASIK eye surgery is quick

LASIK is a fast procedure, typically taking less than a half hour. Much of this time is dedicated to setting up for the procedure.

Pro: LASIK is a proven technique

LASIK has been around for more than 20 years. In that time, eye surgeons have performed more than 19 million LASIK procedures, providing clearer vision for millions of people.

Pro: Patients enjoy fast results

LASIK patients typically notice a positive difference in their vision within a few hours, and experience remarkably better vision by the next day.

Pro: Short recovery time

Patients can typically resume their normal activities within 48 hours of undergoing LASIK surgery.

Pro: Significant improvement in vision

Some patients can gain 20/20 vision. Most achieve the same vision correction as they did with contact lenses or glasses.

Con: Not everyone is eligible

Some patients are not eligible for LASIK surgery due to age, certain diseases, medications they are taking, or lifestyle.

Con: Complications can occur

LASIK typically delivers results that meet or exceed the expectations of those who undergo the procedure. Advancements in technology and surgical techniques have optimized outcomes and decreased risks and complications associated with LASIK.

However, all surgical procedures present some risks, and laser eye surgery is no different. LASIK complications are very rare, but a slight risk of certain complications exist, even with the care of the best surgeons, advanced patient screening, and state-of-the-art equipment. Selecting an experienced surgeon is one of the best ways to reduce these risks, as research shows that the number of LASIK complications goes down as surgeon experience increases.

Con: Possibility of additional procedures

There is a very low chance the patient will need another LASIK procedure at a later time to maintain the vision-correcting results. If at any time after LASIK there is a concern, see an eye care professional to determine the best plan for you.

Pro: Your eye care professionals at Illinois Eye Center are always glad to discuss the pros and cons of LASIK surgery with their patients. To learn if LASIK might be right for you, make an appointment with Illinois Eye Center.

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