What Are Cataracts? Plus, Your Options for Cataract Surgery

Over 24.4 million Americans 40 years of age and older are affected by cataracts, and prevalence continues to rise with age. This frustrating clouding of the eye’s lens can make your vision blurry or cause objects to seem hazy or dull. While some protective measures such as wearing glasses with adequate sun protection may slow the progress of cataracts, surgery is often the most effective way to treat cataracts and restore vision.

At Illinois Eye Center, we offer several types of cataract surgery to swap out your clouded lens for innovative intraocular lens implants (IOLs).

Basic Cataract Package
Our Basic Cataract Package is typically entirely covered by insurance, including Medicare, with out-of-pocket costs limited to normal co-pays and deductibles. You’ll get a monofocal lens implant, which improves distance vision, but you may still need bifocals or contacts after surgery.

Astigmatism Package
Patients with astigmatism who are interested in further reducing their reliance on glasses and contacts may want to consider our Astigmatism Package. If you choose this surgery, you’ll pay more out of pocket but receive an upgraded toric lens in return, which should significantly reduce astigmatism and improve your ability to see items in the distance in sharp focus. Note that you may still rely on eyeglasses to see well at close and intermediate distances.

Presbyopia Package
One of our premium offerings, this package offers patients an opportunity to remove cataracts and correct presbyopia, an inflexibility of the eye’s lens that often happens naturally with age. This option is good for people with or without astigmatism, and each lens features a design tailored to the issue at hand so you achieve the best result possible. Don’t worry about picking the right design — your IEC doctor will conduct a thorough examination and make a recommendation based not only on your eye issues but also your concerns and the demands of your existing lifestyle.

To learn more about IOLs at Illinois Eye Center, click here to download our free guide or call our office at (309) 243-2400 and schedule your consultation today.

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