7 Eye Safety Tips for Home Eye Safety Month

October is Home Eye Safety Month, which means it is time to take a close look at your daily routine and change any habits that may be putting your vision at risk. Here are some everyday eye safety tips to reduce your chance of eye injury.

1. Cooking

While cooking in the kitchen, be cautious of splattering hot grease and oil as it can cause serious long-term eye damage. Another occurrence that happens in the kitchen or during special events is opening champagne bottles. While this normally takes place in a celebratory, happy moment, it is still important to be safe and protect your eyes as these flying corks have blinded people before.

2. Yardwork

Whether you are mowing the lawn, clipping bushes, or gardening, make sure you wear protective goggles. Most yardwork activities include flying or falling debris, which you want to avoid getting in your eyes at all cost.

3. Household Chemicals

Many household cleaning solutions, bathroom cabinet items, and home improvement products include harmful chemicals. While using these solvents, you can easily squirt these chemicals into your eyes accidently, causing eye injuries. When using these chemicals, be mindful of where you are spraying bottles and pouring solutions. Wear protective goggles when using these products. Also, be sure to read the labels and store the products safely in your home.

4. Home Improvement

When you are renovating your home, always be alert and protect your eyes. When drilling or hammering nails, painting walls, or building furniture, debris can easily go flying into your eyes. Always be sure to improve your home with safety top of mind.

5. Hair Tools

Many people use hot tools on their hair daily. Whether you are using a hair dryer, curling iron, straightener, or any other hot object near your face, be safe and alert. A burn to the eye will result in significant eye damage.

6. Ironing Clothing

Similarly to being cautious when using hair tools, be cautious when ironing your clothes. Not only can burns occur here too, but the steam from the iron can also cause eye injuries.

7. Garage / Workshop

When doing projects in the garage or workshop, power tools are typically being used. Always start your projects by putting on protective eye goggles first and foremost. Wear them not only when using power tools, but also if you are working with chemicals or doing anything that can create eye irritants.

Taking a simple step as being mindful of your daily environment could save your vision. Be aware and take preventative actions to ensure your home is a safe environment for you and your family. If you experience an eye injury, seek medical attention as soon as possible at Illinois Eye Center.

We offer EyeCareToday (linked to ECT CTA) at our Peoria office that provides same day access to eye care for patients 5 years and older with acute/urgent eye conditions, or for routine vision exams. To talk with a nurse about your eye injury or make an appointment, call Illinois Eye Center at (309) 243-2400.

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