Know the Facts: Top LASIK Statistics You Should Know

Just the facts, please! You’ve learned why you should fall in love with LASIK and read all about your financial options, but you still want to know more. That’s why we’ve put together this short but data-packed look at LASIK statistics with the sources to back it all up.

A whole lotta LASIK.

LASIK surgery first garnered FDA approval in 1999. Since then, some 10 million Americans have had LASIK, with the rate currently sitting at about 700,000 surgeries per year. This makes LASIK one of the most popular elective procedures in the United States.

It remains one of the most popular elective surgeries due to its remarkably high satisfaction rate of 95.4%, which is the result of numerous variables:

LASIK safety and its track record.

No medical procedure is completely without risk, but the news tends to highlight outliers rather than sharing the overwhelming number of LASIK successes.

Peer-reviewed clinical results tell us some patients experience minor side effects such as dry eye, night vision issues, halos, or glare for up to 12 months following their LASIK surgery, but it’s important to note that all of these symptoms are minor, temporary and treatable.

Your surgeon and LASIK team will do a thorough consultation to assess your risk for any of these potential side effects and will treat any necessary prior to your procedure.

One expert put the LASIK complication rate at less than 1%.

There are potential risks to LASIK surgery, including blurry vision or ongoing pain, but one noted ophthalmologist says complication rates are so small they’re almost nonexistent. There’s no guarantee you’ll emerge from your procedure with perfect vision, but the risk is as low as it gets.

Exceptional satisfaction.

A whopping 8 out of 10 patients get to ditch their glasses or contact lenses after their LASIK procedure. While people with minor nearsightedness often report the most positive outcomes, even patients with a higher degree of vision disturbance can enjoy activities correction free. Overall, LASIK has been shown to be a procedure with exceptional satisfaction by its recipients.

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