Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month: When to Suspect Childhood Eye Problems

Our kids can’t always tell us when something is wrong, especially when it concerns a still-developing sense like their eyesight. This month, we’re focusing on children’s eye health and safety by sharing how to spot childhood eye problems so you can get your little one the help they need ASAP.

Infants Under the Age of One

New parents typically watch their babies incessantly looking for them to hit key milestones like smiling, grasping their toes, and crawling, but there are important vision milestones too. Once your baby hits three months, start monitoring his or her ability to follow a toy as you move it from side to side. Around the same time, your baby should have more control over the alignment of their eyes; strabismus, or misaligned eyes, is not uncommon in newborns but the condition should start resolving before the four-month mark.


As your child grows into a preschooler, they develop new abilities which may illuminate previously undiscovered issues. As your child learns to stack blocks, color, play with balls, and tackle other tasks that rely on hand-eye-body coordination and fine motor schools, you may notice signs of preschool vision issues such as:

  • Excessively eye rubbing
  • Light sensitivity
  • Sitting too close to the TV or tablet
  • Tilting their head while trying to watch or see something
  • Squinting
  • Lack of coordination
  • Short attention span when working on puzzles or other coordination-based projects

Common Eye Problems Throughout Childhood (and Beyond)

Children of all ages — and adults too — may experience certain symptoms that require a doctor’s care.

  • Constantly water eyes
  • Drooping eyelids
  • Persistent redness, crust, or pus
  • Ongoing itchiness or pain
  • Eyes that cross or turn out
  • Off-color pupils

If you suspect your child has an eye issue, it’s crucial you schedule an eye exam immediately. Even if things seem okay, sticking to expert-recommended appointments and vision screenings such as the kindergarten eye exam will give your doctor a chance to identify problems you may not notice on your own.

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