Meet Gracyn Kennedy: LASIK Coordinator

At Illinois Eye Center (IEC), we’ve completed LASIK on thousands of eyes. Each one is a new beginning and a fresh outlook. Now it’s the Illinois Eye Center LASIK team’s chance for new beginning. As of October 2022, our LASIK coordinator, Jessica Scarcliff is advancing to a new role at IEC and Gracyn Kennedy has been named the new LASIK Coordinator.

Those who haven’t had LASIK at Illinois Eye Center might not know how integral the role of LASIK Coordinator is for our LASIK patients. From their first inquiry about their procedure, LASIK patients have the coordinator as their dedicated resource to answer questions, set appointments, and coordinate the next steps in the LASIK process. The LASIK Coordinator is even present on surgery day to make sure that all needs are met and processes go smoothly. The care of the LASIK coordinator follows through after the surgery, helping patients navigate the post-surgical requirements and follow up appointments.

The kind of personal service that goes into this role is exactly what makes our new coordinator, Gracyn, a perfect fit for the role! She’s a people-person who enjoys guiding patients through their eye care experience at Illinois Eye Center. She’s always up for a challenge and a learning a new skill, which is why she’s been involved in most areas of the practice. This experience allows her to interact and bring knowledge and comfort to patients during their care.

While her can-do attitude is essential for this role, Gracyn’s experience with the entire LASIK process over the past 5 years may be her most important asset as the LASIK Coordinator. Gracyn has worked in the clinic and on the LASIK team in multiple roles for the past 3 years. She’s worked directly with patients in both the pre-op and post-op phases of their LASIK care. She’s even certified to operate the surgical laser, getting it ready for the surgeon to use during the actual LASIK procedure.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Gracyn has had the experience of being a LASIK patient herself, having undergone the procedure in 2021. Being on the other side of the laser gives Gracyn the ability to empathize with the questions and nerves that come along with any surgical procedure, even a minimally invasive one like LASIK.

Gracyn is eager to utilize the skills and personality that she possesses to benefit the LASIK team and their patients in a whole new way. “I’m looking forward to being a part of every one of our LASIK patient’s journeys. It’s such an exciting time, I’m thrilled to be alongside our patients for that,” Gracyn noted.

If you’re ready to take the plunge with LASIK or just have questions as you consider your LASIK journey, you can rest assured that Gracyn Kennedy will be there with a welcoming attitude and reliable guidance. You can call or text Gracyn with those questions at 309-243-3811.

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