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Lens Technology

Lens Technology

There are many options to consider when looking at prescription lenses. One of our certified opticians will help you choose a lens solution that works best for your eyewear needs.

Lens Types

Single Vision

Corrects one vision problem; distance, near or intermediate.

Lined Multifocal

Corrects 1-3 vision problems; bifocals for distance and near; trifocals for distance, near and intermediate.

Free Form Progressives

Now your progressive lenses can be personalized! New digital technology allows the laboratories to manufacture your lenses, not only to your prescription, but to your frame selection and fit too. Enjoy amazing clarity and reduced distortion with Free Form Lenses. Ask your optician how you can get lenses perfectly tailored to your eyes with this cutting-edge technology.


Often referred to as "no-line bifocals", progressive lenses give you all the benefits of a trifocal without the lines so you enjoy continuous vision from distance to near.

Shamir® Autograph III High-Definition Lens

The Autograph III lens, a new high-definition eyeglass lens, can potentially give patients sharper vision than what is possible with conventional lenses. These lenses are fantastic for patients who:

  • Want the most advanced and accurate progressive lens
  • Have complex sphere, cylinder, or axis prescription
  • Want the sharpest distance vision possible
  • Need a wide corridor
  • Need a very short segment height (11mm minimum)
Try the Shamir Lens Wizard today and select the perfect personalized lens solution for your needs.