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Sports Eyewear

Sports Eyewear

Do you or your little one enjoy water or land-based sports? Our Optical Boutiques feature brand name sport-specific eyewear designed to help you enhance your game while protecting your vision. Keeping your eyes safe while playing sports means you’re able to react quickly and confidently, helping you avoid dangerous accidents and life changing injuries.

We offer a wide array of sports eyewear from popular names such as: Hilco Sport Goggles, Bobster Eyewear, Decot Hy-Wyd Sport Glasses, ProGear and Callaway. Our selection includes swim goggles (prescription and non-prescription); protective eyewear for golf, racquetball, tennis, football, baseball, and basketball; sport glasses designed for target shooting and hunting, bicycling and motorcycling; and more.

Protecting you and your child's vision is our priority

We have the following sports eyewear packages available: 

Hilco Jam’n

Starting at $110


Hilco C2 RX

Starting at $140

hilco-c2-rx*Get your school colors, initials and/or your jersey number on this pair!

Hilco T-Zone

Starting at $110


ProGear Eyeguard

Starting at $220


  • Every 13 minutes, an emergency room in the U.S. treats a sports-related eye injury.

  • About 13,500 of sports-related eye injuries result in permanent loss of sight.

  • Approximately 72% of sports-related eye injuries occur in people younger than 25 years.

  • Approximately 43% occur in children younger than 15 years.

  • Around 95% of our movements are controlled by vision.

Package pricing includes:

  • Single vision lenses in polycarbonate
  • Eyeglass case
  • 1 year warranty against defect for frames and lenses

Transitions, mirror coatings, and polarization also available!

Sports eyewear does have power limitations, meaning some higher-range prescriptions cannot be filled or will require additional pricing. Schedule an appointment today to find out if sports eyewear is right for you.