What Happens During a Same Day Eye Appointment?

A same day eye appointment can be a real sight-saver! Having access to an eye doctor on the same day that you need one is the ultimate in convenience. Patients ages 5 years and older with acute/urgent eye conditions, or in need of routine vision exams can take advantage of EyeCareToday, Monday through Friday at our Peoria office.

What a Same Day Appointment Looks Like

A same day appointment starts when you contact us by telephone or by walking through the door of the eye clinic in the Peoria office. Unless it is for an eye emergency or urgent problem, those with chronic eye conditions are encouraged to make an appointment with their eye care professional rather than as a walk-in appointment.

You will see an eye care provider dedicated to seeing all the same day appointments and walk-ins. Depending on specific needs, the findings of your eye exam, and availability of eye care professionals, you may see more than one provider during your visit.

You may seek a same day appointment for a routine eye exam, or for treatment of:

  • Eye infection or injury
  • Corneal scratches, which are abrasions to the transparent tissue covering the front of the eye
  • Irritation from a foreign object
  • Foreign body stuck in eye
  • Extreme eye allergy symptoms

Treatment for these conditions is the same whether you go to a same day eye clinic or to an urgent care clinic.  Your doctor will examine your eye, perform tests as necessary, dress the eye as needed, and prescribe a treatment plan. If you go to an urgent care clinic instead of a same day appointment at an eye clinic, the urgent care doctors will likely advise you to follow up with an eye doctor, so going to a same day appointment at an eye clinic can ultimately save you time.

A routine eye exam in a same day appointment setting is the same routine eye exam you would get if you had scheduled your appointment well in advance of your visit. Your eye care professional will check your vision, screen for eye disease, and/or update your eyeglass or contact lens prescription. You will receive a final diagnosis, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism.

For more information about what a same day appointment for eye care might look like, contact the vision professionals at Illinois Eye Center.

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