4 Smart Ways to Prepare for LASIK Eye Surgery

Interested in LASIK surgery? Here’s how you can get ready for this potentially life-changing procedure.

1. Find Out if You’re a Good Candidate

You’re unique and so are your eyes. Ultimately, only your doctor can decide whether LASIK is right for you, but there are a few things we look for in an ideal candidate. You should:

  • Already use corrective lenses
  • Enjoy relatively stable vision
  • Have otherwise healthy eyes
  • Be free of autoimmune diseases and other potentially compromising conditions
  • Not be pregnant or nursing

 2. Choose a Skilled and Experienced Surgeon

LASIK surgery is a delicate, complex operation and it should only be performed by an experienced surgeon. Our team of Illinois Eye Center providers is passionate about providing top-of-the-line eye care. We’re up to date on the newest technology and trends and offer state-of-the-art equipment, including the Blade-Free Wavelight® FS200 and the Wavelight® EX500 Excimer Lasers, so you get the care you want and the results you deserve.

 3. Explore Financial Assistance

Many patients wonder how to pay for LASIK surgery. Insurance companies often view LASIK as an elective procedure and don’t offer coverage, but it’s important to double check just in case your provider is willing to share some of the costs. Otherwise, Illinois Eye Center offers the CareCredit Card so you can get your procedure ASAP and take care of the bill afterward courtesy of low monthly payments. You may also be eligible or a tax-free flexible spending account.

 4. Plan for the Actual Procedure

Another important criteria for LASIK surgery is understanding everything the procedure entails. Before we schedule your surgery date, we’ll go over what to expect and give you some tips to help promote an optimal outcome. Most people experience fantastic results, but there are some things you can do along the way:

  • Attend all your follow-up appointments
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions
  • Rest and recover over the weekend
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes
  • Avoid eye makeup, swimming and dusty conditions over an average 2 week healing time.
  • Temporarily avoid contact sports

To learn more about LASIK eye surgery, come to one of our upcoming LASIK seminars.

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