Eyewear Designed For You: The Importance of the Fit

Getting a new pair of glasses can be an exciting experience. There are a lot of things to consider: price, brand, and style, making it easy to become overwhelmed. While it’s not usually the first thing on people’s minds when they’re searching for new frames, one of the most important aspects is the fit. 

Eyewear That Doesn’t Fit

If your glasses don’t fit properly, you’re opening the door for many problems and inconveniences.

Keep these points in mind when trying on new frames:

  • Frames that sit too far or too close from your eyes affect your quality of vision
  • Crooked frames may affect visual quality and comfort
  • If glasses sit too high or low on your face, the line of sight through the lenses may not be going through the optimal point
    • This could cause unwanted visual distortions or visual discomfort – much like looking through glasses that were someone else’s prescription

When you pick out your new glasses, your optometrist takes measurements so that the glasses will give you the best vision possible when worn. When you purchase glasses from an online retailer, you simply can’t get them fitted perfectly to your face, and increase the odds of running into issues.

Another major issue: frames that don’t fit properly can be irritating and uncomfortable to wear. Depending on the issue, they can pinch the bridge of your nose, press up against your ears, or even slide off when you turn your head.

Uncomfortable frames are no fun to wear, and often people will wear their glasses less than prescribed. This can put your vision at risk. And if you’re required to wear lenses when you drive, ill-fitting eyewear can put your personal safety or others at risk.

Finding the Perfect Fit

In order to be positive you’ve found the perfect fit, there are three parts of the frame to look at: width, nose and temple.

  • Width: The temples (“stems” or “arms”) should make contact with your head just before the ear. If they’re touching the sides of your head, they’re probably uncomfortably squeezing it.
  • Nose: The frames should feel comfortable on your nose, not too tight or too loose. If you have plastic frames, be sure that the whole frame or nearly the whole frame is making contact. Single points of contact put headache-causing pressure on your nose.
  • Temple: The temple should be long enough to reach behind your ear – this way your frames won’t slip off.

Let Us Help You Find Your Perfect Fit

We understand that the perfect fit is an important part of looking, feeling and seeing your best. Whether your new frames are plastic or metal, sunglasses or sportswear, the opticians at Illinois Eye Center’s Optical Boutiques will help you find your perfect fit. Visit our Optical Boutiques, with locations in Peoria and Washington today, or check out our website for more information.

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